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jueves, febrero 27, 2003

I hate rain!!! It's not even that cold, but since it's raining I have to wear my parka to not get wet, and I'm sweating inside the damn thing. I don't have an umbrella. I decided to go to Wal-mart to buy one, but of course there weren't any. Then I go to Mervyn's and there are like, 2 umbrellas, a red one and a yellow one. So now I'm stuck at home hehehehe... I'm so lazy. I need to clean my room, retrieve files from my old computer, burn CDs, write a paper on Chinese philosophy and do laundry. And how many of these things am I actually going to do? ZERO. Ugh... I just can't get myself to GET UP and DO STUFF.
So be nice and keep me company. E-mail me, or IM me on AIM, MSN or Yahoo. If you want my screennames, E-MAIL ME.


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