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martes, enero 08, 2008

Dove sono le valige?

One week, one day later - I still do not have my suitcase. What has made this even worse is the fact that everyone I have spoken to and dealt with from the airline has been HORRID. Some of them have implied or directly suggested even that I should've known and not put anything of value in the suitcase. Of course! I should've known they would screw up! How dare I not be Nostradamus!! Then, one of the ladies at the counter when I stormed into the airport last Tuesday actually said several times "I'm supposed to be at lunch right now, SIGH SIGH SIGH"... OH I'M SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!!! Do you have all of your stuff? THEN STUFF IT, porno-looking bitch! Seriously.

Friday evening I call once again to see what's up (I've also been checking online but nothing), and the guy says in an irritated tone "...Um, there are NO UPDATES on your file since you last checked...", with an implied "dude stop bugging". Then he adds, "It's been almost 5 days, you should file a claim". Ok, Erik had actually spoken to someone else the day before and she had suggested that we give the contents search 2 days, so on Saturday to file a claim. This is not the first time these people have contradicting or had different stories for me, which is very frustrating. First they were saying the suitcase was definitely in Houston waiting to get on a plane, then it was "oh the tag must have fallen off, we don't know where the suitcase actually is"... OH RLY!!! Anyway, I said "Well, that's part 2 of my phone call, how do I do that..." blah blah blah, he tells me, I go to the webpage and read. They are not liable for, among other things, jewelry and watches. HELLO, that's the #1 thing I wanted back!! I had these 2 rings that I got from my dad :( I am stupid for packing them in there, I know, but I honestly didn't think my suitcase would just go missing. Plus, I put them in a plastic baggy inside a makeup pouch... I just didn't think about it!! It just blows either way, even if I didn't have my earrings, rings, and necklaces in there too.

The upside, I guess, of filing a claim is that it will supposedly send an alert to other airports' lost and founds... Why this hasn't been done and gets only done AFTER filing a claim is beyond me, but I still have a sliver of hope that my stuff is somewhere. However, the fact that no one has bothered to look in the ID pocket and called Erik (since it's his suitcase and it has his info, even if my stuff is in it) really, really worries me. The thought of someone out there with MY STUFF is just sick.

I made a list of the things in there and I'm already at 53. I haven't sent the claim yet because I keep remembering stuff, plus I have to look up prices for some of them since I don't know off-hand. It's just ridiculous. I'm claiming the full amount possible either way, fucking a, I have to rebuy everything and a good majority is going to be impossible (they also aren't liable for irreplaceables, go figure). The stress this has caused for me, there is just no price! It completely ruined the beginning of the year for me. I didn't want to go anywhere on NY Eve in case they called... I wasn't able to go to TJ and do lobster with my family on NY day, in case they called. I was supposed to go to TJ again on Wednesday, hang out with my friend Lulu and her daughter Ximena, both of whom I haven't seen since May 2006!!!, but I didn't go because, what if they call??? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I suppose time is irreplaceable and they aren't liable for that...

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  • This sucks so bad. I hope they find it soon. Customer service really is bad in most places.

    By Blogger Nessa, at miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008, 3:17:00 GMT-8  

  • ay no no no no.. o sea q corajeeeeeeeeeeee....

    Espero q para estas fechas ya haya aparecido tu maleta (bueno de erik pero con tus cosas jaja) y si no pues esperemos q aparezca pronto..

    Pero igual q coraje y q frustracion q no te puedan dar la ayuda correcta y q tengas tanto tiempo esperando!!.. pfff.. es terrible!!

    Animo!! Que el año empezo con un contratiempo pero nada q no se pueda arreglar!! =)

    pd. se me antojo ir a comer langosta! =P

    By Blogger nay, at martes, 15 de enero de 2008, 11:10:00 GMT-8  

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