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martes, noviembre 13, 2007

I should've gotten a flu shot...

Well, I'm sick again. Ha. And what do I do when I'm sick? I get bored of the same old internet stuff and then decide to post. I have been reading my old posts, starting with the very first one, through all the drama with my ex JC... I started this blog when I was 23, a month before I turned 24. It's basically been 5 years that I've been blogging. I used to blog so much before! Sometimes I'd blog multiple times a day. What happened? It's not like I have a life now or anything. I mean, I still do nothing. The only things that have changed from then are:
1) I now have the best bf ever (which may be one of the reasons I don't post: no more boy drama!)
2) I am done with school and I just work now (another source of drama gone; my office is too drama-free!)
3) I'm old now. Hahaha.

I'd like to think that I'm wiser now, but who knows. I read my old posts and think, man was I dumb. But some of those posts I think, I probably would make that mistake again. The drama with JC was probably one of the worst ones, but one of the ones I hope I wouldn't make again. Recently a friend emailed me to tell me that he had been sorta harassing her for information on me. They work near each other. She told him she thought I was married, or was about to get married, because one of my profile pictures on this particular website is of me and Erik at Erik's friend's wedding, and I guess it looks really formal or something. Apparently he freaked out and started to bug her all the time. Thing is, he is supposedly married so what does he care? Oh yeah, I found out last year that he got married 6 months after we broke up. He actually called to tell me. Well, he didn't just call to say that... He supposedly wanted to dial his cousin and dialed me instead. Our numbers are somewhat similar but I don't buy it anyway. He has called a few times supposedly trying to reach someone else, but "mistakenly" dialing me. That particular call was probably a month before I met Erik, and since the whole phone call caught me off-guard, I made the mistake of telling him I was single/not dating anyone. He seemed to relish in the fact that I was alone or something. Loser. Anyway, I told my friend to just ignore him, I mean it really isn't any of his business what I'm doing or who I'm with. We broke up 5 years ago! Seriously. Get a life. She said that supposedly he and his wife are separated. I still don't care! I don't care what he wants. Does he actually think I'd be friends with him? He was the worst boyfriend I ever had. He really did a number on my self-esteem, and it took me a long time to realize that he was wrong the whole time. Ah well, seems some things don't change, and he is still a loser.

On better news... I'm excited about the holidays. We're going to Tennessee again! I want to go back so bad... mostly for the food!! Haha. It should be fun. I'm also already looking forward to Thanksgiving. I can't believe it's next week!! Every since I started my job, time has gone by fast. June and July moved along at a normal pace, but August flew by. I can't even remember what I did that month. And all of a sudden it's November.

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