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martes, octubre 02, 2007

An update - wow!!

OMG I'm blogging. I didn't go to work today; I'm sick. Not so sick that I'm dying and just want to sleep, but sick enough. Plus, it's contagious, so even if I felt better it wouldn't be nice of me to go spread it at work.

Anyway, not a whole lot has been going on. Mostly I just work, and then come home and veg. I'm very exciting like that.

Let's see... The last movie I saw was Eastern Promises. I actually really liked it. I recommend it. I should warn you that it's pretty intense and violent (which you will know if you've seen other David Cronenberg movies), but it's really interesting and well done.

I haven't really blogged about what's been happening with my life. So let's recap! Let's see- In May I started my current job, working for the County of San Diego. I work in a really neat office, everyone's nice, and the phone is not ringing off the hook! It's awesome. In May (before my job started) it was also my first anniversary with Erik <3 He's awesome :)

June was pretty uneventful for the most part, though we did get to go to the Del Mar Fair (I'm sorry, it's just not the "San Diego County Fair" to me) twice, once for free! I ate lots and lots of fair food and I loved it.

July would have been pretty uneventful as well, except I was summoned for Jury Duty and since I work for the County now I have no real reasons to be excused :( So I had to go. I didn't actually get selected but I did have to go 4 days in a row, because the selection process was taking that long. It was insane! They were just dismissing potential jurors left and right, and so the rest of us had to keep going. At the end, there were only like 10 of us (out of like 100) that never were called up front. I didn't actually hate the whole experience, and the cool part is that I started reading the Harry Potter novels. The first day I didn't bring anything to read (I'm dumb) so I had to run over to Horton Plaza, and bought the first one. Well, I got hooked, darn you J.K. Rowling!! I have read 6 of the 7 books now, and I'm kind of saving the last one. I'm a nerd.

August flew by like no one's business, though I again did not do anything eventful. At the end of August we went to Disneyland again, and it was the best. I had just been thinking how nice it was that we did not have a horribly hot summer, when Labor Day weekend rolled around and screamed heat at me. Of course, the one year I decide not to have a pool party for my birthday is the 2nd hottest day of the year. Oh yeah, I'm old now (29). Where does time go. Didn't I start this when I was 23?? Geez. Anyway, the 1st hottest day was actually the next day, September 3rd, and I did go swimming. Stupidly, Erik and I did not wear sunscreen (our brains had melted with the heat, so we weren't thinking) and proceeded to get the worst sunburn in the world. It's so weird to think that was just under a month ago, because it really feels so far away. September wasn't exactly slow or fast, but here we are. In September Erik and I started walking. Nothing fancy, just around my neighborhood. It's actually pretty nice. We go in the evening, after dinner, and just stroll. I hope we continue doing this, eventually building up an exercise routine.

And now it's October. This month is looking to be good, I hope. On the 18th we're going to see Jersey Boys!!! I'm quite excited about that. I'm a bit sad it won't be with the original cast, but it should still be fantastic.

So there you have it, the last 5 months of my life in a few paragraphs. Wake up, now.

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