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lunes, enero 30, 2006


As you may or may not know, this past weekend was my brother's birthday weekend, AKA Angelpalooza. It all started on Friday night. People started coming around 7pm but I didn't join the party until 10pm (I was feeling lazy and watching some TV). 3 Kahlúa & milks later, I was rockin'. Then a band played, and then it was back to some music. We made a circle and started dancing, but the music was more for rockin' than dancing. Apparently, a lot of people where there to see me dance but since my brother did NOT play dance hits from the 80's and 90's, I didn't perform my latest steps. I finally went upstairs at around 5:30am, since I was tired and the bottle of Kahlúa was empty by then, hehe.

Saturday my mom and I took my brother out to eat at Pampas, a Rodizio-style Brazilian Restaurant. We ate lots and lots, then went home and I rested. Then my friends Tere and Erika picked me up and we went to Gypsys, a Spanish-style restaurant, serving tapas, as well as main dishes. I usually order chistorra, a type of chorizo but they were OUT!! I was so sad. So I ordered Jamon Serrano instead. Then we stopped by Mofo bar, the 2nd night of Angelpalooza, to say hi. We only stayed like 5 mins because it was COLD and I was sleepy.

Sunday, 3rd day of Angelpalooza, was BBQ day. We had awesome hamburguers and chips and cake. Truly awesome. Towards the evening, the people who work/own/etc at Mofo bar stopped by. First the owners, then some of the employees. So these 2 dudes walk in and say hi, and one says "hey I don't know you" and I'm like Oh I'm Angel's sister. So then he sat on the other side of the table, opposite corner from me (diagonally), and I notice that he's REALLY cute. Then the other guy (who looks like AC Slater, SORRY but you do dude!) says something like "I need a gf" and cute guy goes "Yea me too". Cute and single?? I'm there. So, I'm looking for a way to go sit over there w/o looking so obvious, haha... Finally I just got and sit there, and ask for cigs but they don't have any. So we're chatting, about random stuff, movies etc. Then cute guy, whose name is Carlos, asks me how many yrs ahead of my brother was I at our school "La Paz", and I'm thinking that's an odd question, but he explains that he went to that school in 5th, 6th and 7th grade and he was trying to figure out how much ahead I was. Well when they were in 5th, I was in 8th. So we talked more, and I shouldn't really explain the reasons, but everyone who was there knows hahaha, he proposed to me so apparently I'm engaged. Well, I told him that no ring, no marriage, but that's just a technicality. (Bien lo dijo ayer la Claudia, todo termina en mi blog gente!!). He even wanted to go talk to my mom, I'm like ok that can wait a bit. So then they're talking about how he moved suddenly to Guadalajara like 15 yrs ago, when once after school, his mom came to pick him up, honked, and no one saw him for the next 15 yrs. So we're talking about this when his mom actually shows up and honks! It was so funny, so random. So he takes my hand and says, come on let's go, and I'm like We're going where now?? And he's like, "I'm gonna introduce you to my mom!". It was so cute, I'm like "Hi, nice to meet you" and she says to him "Are you sure you don't want to stay, it's fairly early..." But he's moving and needed to get everything ready and stuff. So he left, and I come back to the table where we were all sitting and the teasing will not stop! I'm like omg. So I said, You know I'm not gonna say anything anymore, the guy is gonna get all scared off!! And Slater goes "He's serious! You should be the one who's scared!!" And I'm like omg hahaa. He's cute though so I just can't think about it as creepy. Anyway, who knows when I'll see my "fiancee" again! But it was a LOT of fun anyway.

But this is the funniest part for ME. When I first went outside, before most people showed up for the bbq, my brother's friend Ivette noticed this ring I usually wear on my left ring finger, and says that I shouldn't wear rings there because I won't get married if I do. So, for kicks, I took it off. The day I take it off, I get a marriage proposal (be it legit or not, that's not the point!). It was just too funny to me.

So that's my weekend adventure! I still say that til I get that ring (I'm not strict, doesn't have to be an expensive ring, for now haha), there will be no wedding. But you're all invited! I really should stop talking about it...


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