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viernes, agosto 26, 2005

Update- yea, I'm blogging!

Ok well, it's been a WHILE let me say. Lots of new things, but too little energy to coherently describe most of them...

I have a job now. Yes, my 2 and a half years of unemployment ended 8/1/2005 when I took a temporary position as a receptionist at an insurance company. For privacy, I will not name it, but I'll say the job is pretty easy, and my coworkers are GREAT. Lots of young people, and an outgoing and casual environment. Not a bad way to spend 9 hrs of my day, but the commute isn't all that fun. I mean, it's about a 20 min drive (each way) from my apartment, but that's without traffic which is NEVER the case. So although technically I get paid for 8 hrs (plus 1 hr unpaid lunch), in reality I leave my apartment at 7am, and am back home at 6pm. So yea. But still, as far as jobs go, it could be a lot worse, and I'm just glad the people are good. People really make or break a job.

What else has happened, let's see... Not a whooole lot. My summer has been pretty boring, but I did get to do a few fun things. First, Peter from Denmark was here with his girlfriend Sanni, and we took them to Magic Mountain, and to Sea World. That was a lot of fun. Sanni is so nice, I hope that they are together for a looong time. Then, Zach who I met in New York through my cousin Bea came to San Diego and before he took off on his Travels Through Mexico Adventure we took him to Puerto Nuevo for some lobster! And we drove him to Ensenada where he took a bus into Southern Baja, and is now around the Guanajuato area (per his last email). Then I went to a very fun wedding in Ventura. And this past weekend I had the Rosarito beach house, and we had a bbq on Sunday which turned out to be a lot of fun.

So that was my summer, now I'm a working girl, 8-to-5, and no time or energy to do much else... Oh tomorrow 8/27/05 is my friend Mirna's birthday, so join us at PB Bar and Grill, from 9pm on for a drink or six, and some good times! My birthday is next Friday 9/2 but I haven't decided what I'm doing yet, with labor day and all... I am sure not going to TJ, I'll tell you that!


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