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martes, abril 13, 2004

Wow... I didn't realize how long I'd gone without posting. Not that anyone cares but anyway...

I can't believe there are only 2 more weeks til finals! I am SO ready for school to be over :) Last week flew by. Most people were off, since it was Holy Week, but since our spring break was in late march, we had class.

Friday I went to my uncle's ranch in Tecate. My friends A and J were supposed to pick me up at 1:30 pm, but they got there at like 3, and we got to the ranch around 5, partly because we were already late, and partly because I got us lost. Hehe. I'm just glad I got to eat SHRIMP, the biggest, most garlic-buttery shrimp ever! Ok maybe not that huge, but man that butter was NICE! I want some now dammit... We were there for a few hours. When I got back to TJ, I went to my dad's house because he fell and hasn't been able to move. So I went to keep him some company. Sunday was, of course, Easter, so I went to my grandma's house where I ate a lot less than usual... The food was excellent, but as always, they make me wait SO long for it, that by the time it's ready, I'm not that hungry anymore. I went to my dad's again after that. So yea, mostly I've been at my dad's. He hasn't been able to work in 2 weeks. Poor guy. But today, finally, he went to see a GOOD doctor, my friend A's mom (thanks A!!), and he finally knows what happened and is getting treatment. Since he hasn't worked, he didn't have any money, so he was going to cheapo doctors. So yea, A's mom said that he'd torn a nerve, something about sciatica, I don't really know much. My mom's descriptions were not too clear. Anyway, he needs physical therapy, so hopefully he'll be able to set that up and get back to work, because he really needs some money NOW. He spent all he had in going to doctors and buying medicines... Sigh.

So... I'm still happy that school is almost over. As soon as I get past Thursday, I'll be home free. I have a paper due Thursday that I do not want to do! Oh yea, and then next Wednesday I have to turn in my 2nd ASL video... *groan* I hate it! Ok, but once I get past that, all I have to worry about are finals! And those shouldn't be that bad... I'd much rather take a test than write a paper! Yea, I'm weird, whatever. Papers stress me out too much. On a test I either know it or not, and I don't really dwell on it.

Alrighty, I'm gonna keep looking for stuff for my paper... Wish me luck and pray for my daddy!!


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