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domingo, enero 25, 2004

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Year of the Monkey =)

What did I do for Chinese New Year? I went to The Ellen DeGeneres Show!!!!. That's right! Back in September, I requested tickets to go on Nov. 20th, since it's a holiday in Mexico and my mom would be off work, and I didn't have Thursday classes last term. But of course, in my Murphy's Law life, I didn't get tix for that day. They called me THE DAY AFTER (Nov 21st) to let me know I had tickets for JANUARY. Um, ok? So we got them for January 22nd and that was last Thursday! It was SO much fun. We got to Burbank around 1030am and after gettting some breakfast, we decided it was time to stand in line. We were told to get there by 1pm, but we knew we should get there earlier than that. There were about 10 people already waiting. Around 1:15pm people from the show came outside and started checking names and giving out numbers. We went into another waiting area, with benches, where we watched the show that had been taped the previous day, which was shown on Thursday. Thursday they tape 2 shows, the Friday show and the Monday show. Our tix were for the first show, which was shown Friday Jan 23rd. After waiting MORE and more... we went into yet another waiting area, which I called the Freezer. It was about 50 degrees inside. Finally we got seated, 2nd row, 3rd seat from the right (looking AT the stage). Right below DJ TONY! Great seats, really awesome. It was really, really great to be there. And I didn't know that Greg Fitzsimmons, one of my favorite commentators from I love the 70's and I love the 80's, was a writer for the show. All in all, a great day. I taped the show, and we are there! Right before the 3rd commercial break! WOO!

After the show, I went back to TJ with my mom cuz Friday my brother was throwing a party for his birthday. Yes, it's been a WHOLE year since the last party, which ended at 9am... This year, it ended at 5am. I guess they're getting old =p hahaha... Good times. No pics this time though. I wish I could've taken pics at the Ellen show but they told us no cameras, and I didn't wanna risk them taking it if I tried to sneak it in. Sigh.

So it was a good weekend, and I cut my hair! It had been a WHOLE year since I'd cut my hair. Pathetic. I'm so lazy. But finally. I'll update the pics on the sidebar now that I have newer ones... haha. Later, gators.


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