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martes, marzo 30, 2004

It's 10-ish am. I went to bed at 4am. I've been up since 930am. WHY? Because someone decided to be reaaaaaaaally noisy and annoying starting at 8am on a Tuesday morning, and didn't stop until about 950am. I'm not sure if it was a resident here, just watching TV/listening to radio extremely loud, or if it was that SBC truck parked outside... I HATE IT! So, here I am, WIDE awake. I wasn't supposed to wake up til 1145am. I missed almost 2 hrs of sleep. I know I'm gonna be hating life towards the end of my evening class tonight; shit, I know I'm gonna be hating life at the beginning of my 2pm class even! &#@$#@%@#%!@#@%^%&#*!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now that we've got the random rant of the day out of the way...
I finally saw The Passion of the Christ last night. Intense. I liked it, though. I mean, since I waited til like, the entire world saw it... I guess I knew what to expect even more than when it first came out. Yes, the violence is pretty gruesome and hard to take at times, but I didn't really feel like it was the most violence EVERRR. I read a review for it on some mag, forgot which one, in which the obviously not christian reviewer complains that there's no backstory, it just starts and boom! the beating starts. Well, HELLO?? The movie is made mostly for people (and BY people) who already KNOW the story? How many movies have there been about the life of Jesus? There's also a book, called something like, um... THE BIBLE?? I don't feel a backstory was needed. We are supposed to know it. This isn't a movie you go see if you don't know anything, because it probably won't make any sense. I mean, I, knowing the story already, kept asking myself WHY WHY WHY are they doing that to him?? I knew why, it was a rhetorical question =p but, at times it just seemed so over the top... But I really believe that that's close to what really happened, unlike in previous movies about Jesus, where they focus on most of his other parts of life (the nicer ones), and the passion part is just a glance. I don't think the people who wanted him to die were looking for him to just get a bit roughed up... They really wanted him to suffer. And suffer he did...

Anyhoo, enough depressing stuff.... Life is short! You have time to enjoy it! And to remind you that you do have a life, here's a cool link that's really old but I decided it was worth bringing back LOL. Yes, I am a huge dork but this is really cool. And super nerdy. Watch it!!! I LOVE MARIO!!


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