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lunes, febrero 02, 2004

Is there anything more annoying than pointless homework?? I doubt it. I hate homework. I have to do this stupid video for ASL class. I do NOT want to do it. I have to go out of my regular routine to use the stupid video lab at school, I have to first figure out what I'm going to sign about in the video... Then I have to evaluate it myself, and type in the evaluation and hand it in on Wednesday. Oh yea, tomorrow I have class until 7pm. So when, exactly, am I to do all this? Yes, it could be argued that I could've done it when I first heard about it, i.e. last week. But come on now, ME do homework on a day other than the day before it's due?! Unheard of. So yes, here I am whining. Deal with it, or read something else.


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