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domingo, julio 20, 2003

Ahhh... home, sweet home. What a weekend! Friday, my friend A and I went to see Finding Nemo, which, if you haven't seen, YOU HAVE TO! It's SO CUTE. Saturday was, of course, the John Mayer concert. It was so good. Counting Crows also performed. I had never been a HUGE fan or anything, but they were pretty good! John Mayer was just awesome though. Today was the Comic-Con. It was pretty crowded and I saw no one interesting. Last year, 90% of why I wanted to go was because of Jason Lee. I ended up seeing Miguel Ferrer too. He was just walking around. Actually I bumped into him, cuz I was walking kinda backwards and he was standing there. He kinda looked at me like I was a dork, and I'm like, oops. Pretty tall dude... I'm 5'9 and I looked way up to see him. Hehe. But today was cool. I do like seeing the comics, and what's coming and all that, but it's a lot more fun when a) you go to all days cuz there's so much to see, and b) you have someone you wanna see. I didn't get to see everything I wanted because one day is just not enough. Oh well. There's always next year. And next year I'm going all 5 days dammit!! :)


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