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viernes, julio 18, 2003

Whew... busy week! Tuesday I went to Tijuana. I had lunch with two of my friends. Then I went to see my friend's baby. Well, my friend is actually my mom's housekeeper's daughter. My mom's maid was my nanny growing up. She has worked for my mom since before I was born!! Long time! Her daughter is only a few years older than me, and we hung out a lot when we were little. And now she has a baby!! And the baby is SOOO cute!! But why is it that when someone has a baby, they always ask others (who don't have any) when THEY are going to have one? Especially when the person they are asking doesn't even have a boyfriend?! Hehe.

Wednesday was shopping day with mom. Everytime she takes me shopping, she ends up buying me a bunch of stuff, then gets mad that she spent so much. Haha... Ah well. I'm all for buying me stuff!!

Thursday night... Dinner with a friend. We went to Sanborns, one of my most favorite places to go to anywhere in Mexico. They have the best coffee. Regular pot of coffee. But somehow, it's SO good. I dunno what they put in it to make it so good... mmm...

This weekend will be busy too. Saturday, John Mayer concert and Sunday, Comic-con!! Wooo! Last year I saw Jason Lee *swoon*. I love him. He's so great.



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