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sábado, abril 05, 2003

Home on Saturday night... *sigh*... don't have much of a choice this time, though. I still feel like crap. I'm a lot better than last weekend though, for sure. I don't know if I should go to school on Monday, but I hate that I've already missed so much. Ugh... I hate school!!

P came over today, we watched the College Women's Gymnastics Finals... I'm SUCH A DORK! P was nice enough to watch it with me, and he even got interested in it... I thought that was nice. Aside from my idiot exbf, I don't know how many guys (or girls!) would be into watching gymnastics with me, and even less that would actually pay attention...

I'm still obsessed with that stupid MxPx commercial. I read somewhere that the song is called "Well adjusted" and would be in their new album... Someone just hack it already and put it up on kazaa dammit! I need that song. Mike Herrera has such a hot voice... *Sigh*


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