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martes, febrero 25, 2003

Rain... rain... GO AWAY!!!

I'll be gone most of today. Going to see my daddy sing... (see 2/22 post for more details). I'll be leaving right after school, around 4pm, so I don't hit a lot of traffic going into TJ... and I won't be back til around midnight. Don't miss me too much... I know you have to try real hard, cuz judging from the 10+ comments a day you guys leave, I know it'll be hard. (SARCASM).

I still can't believe people thought I really believed no one loved me, or that that's what my comments' line meant. I got this mostly from people who don't really read blogs on a regular basis, or maybe have read blogs with no comments. In any event, I changed it... but I have a feeling some people will still be confused... Can't please everyone!

I had a good night yesterday... VERY good *wink wink*. Hopefully the rest of my week stays like that... unless I just jinxed it by saying that! hehehe... ok.


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