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domingo, febrero 09, 2003

Yesterday was NOT good. In the midst of all the moving, I lost my keys. The CAR keys, the apartment keys, my mom's house keys. I can make copies of the last two, but I don't have a spare for my car! I never received one when I got the car, and I never had one made... *SIGH*. I'm stranded without a car, have no idea where the keys could be, and I really, really hope my car is still there!!!!
Then, I was hoping to see someone, and it never happened. I think I might have fucked up, but I really hope I didn't. I just want to know what's up! Strange things have been happening... It's confusing, and it's draining.
I just wanna finish moving, so I can get all settled in at my new place. I'm really excited about that. And I hope that I find my keys!! I have no idea where they could be. Oh man. I'm totally lost without them. =\


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