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martes, febrero 04, 2003

Still haven't packed. NOTHING. I hate procrastinating, but apparently not enough to actually do something about it. My mom called today and asked how it was going... I was like... "Haven't really started"... After a bit of yelling she said, "Well since tomorrow is a holiday (Day of the Mexican Constitution), I'll come over and help you". I know that there will more and more yelling and fighting, but I need to get this done somehow, right?

I so did not want to be in class today. I really like my Psyc. of personality class, but for some reason the time just doesn't agree with my body. Hopefully I'll get used to it. I'm already OVER school. I just cannot get motivated to want to do well. Can't I just get paid to do nothing, and go to school for fun? Yes, fun. I am a nerd. I just don't like ruining something I enjoy doing with feelings of "I have to". Oh well...

Still haven't looked for a job. I dunno. I don't like working at menial jobs for low wages, and have everyone ask me why I don't look for something in my field. Well, the only jobs "in my field" are internships, pay next to nothing, or are at inconvenient hours. I just wanna get done with school. People who say being in school is easier are people who had FUN in college, didn't have to worry much about money, and were done in 4-5 yrs. Well, boo you. That's not always possible for everyone. I'm BITTER.

I'm also REALLY bored, so why isn't anyone e-mailing me? or leaving comments? HUH??? You're just a bunch of voyeurs.... CHICKENS!


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