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jueves, febrero 06, 2003

I CANNOT WAIT TO MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some idiot came and rang my doorbell at 930am, to let me know that they would be shutting of the water for 20mins. I'm thinking, ok I have class at 230pm, I'm not really thinking of showering until around 1130-12pm right? Well, it's almost 12 and STILL NO WATER. I HATE THE GHETTO!! I called the apt. manager, and he's like "Oh, well I guess they're not done working at #3". Nice. Like I need more excuses to NOT go to school. I can't wash my face, I can't brush my teeth, I can't do ANYTHING!
If this day started out this shitty, it better end better... *ahem*...

I called the cable company today, to let them know that I was moving and wanted to take my service with me. They can't go over til next week. Damn it. I'm gonna be w/o a computer for a couple days. No!!!!!!!!!

Oh yea, I didn't go out last nite. I'm not in a good place right now.


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