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lunes, febrero 03, 2003

I wonder if I take you home... hehe.. I'm listening to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam... ROCKS! haha ok.
So I had class at 2... I get to school, and since I have one class at 2pm and another at 4pm, I wouldn't get out until 6:40pm. I'm trying to find parking when I realize that the 2 parking structures closest to where my last class is, are both going to close at 4:30pm, due to some event at Cox Arena. Well, la-dee-da. Where am I supposed to park now?? Well, I went around every structure and NO PARKING. I was already running late, and wouldn't really make the 2pm class anyway, so I came home. Yes, I'm horrible. Yes, I'm a brat. So what. I didn't feel like parking far, walking 2 miles to class, then 2 miles back at 6:40... NO THANKS. I'm lazy, yes, thank you. P.S. It wouldn't have been 2 miles, ok, I'm exaggerating.
So, now I'm bored. Entertain me.


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