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viernes, febrero 07, 2003

Last nite was nice. Thanks! You know who... *wink*
Today will be a pretty hectic day. My mom and my brother are going to come over and help me finish packing and move stuff to the new apartment. I'm SO excited. There has been so much drama with the soon to be ex-roomie, that I just can't wait to leave!!
After we move as much stuff as we can, I'm going to TJ with my mom so I can do my laundry. I have so much to wash!!!! Tomorrow I'm basically not gonna be able to sleep in my bed, cuz I'm gonna wash the sheets tonite, and since Sunday we're going to move the bed, I'm not about to make a bed just for ONE night. So, I guess it's the floor for me... Or maybe just on top of the mattress with a blanket. Eh, I dunno. We'll see.
I'm going to try to take a nap before the big move... wish me luck!!


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