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miércoles, febrero 19, 2003

Like a typical male, he's pretending there's nothing wrong with him, and it's all me. Whatever!!! Ugh, it frustrates me. But I won't pursue that argument because it's unnecessary. So, he's supposed to call. We'll see. He did cancel this weekend though... not good. *Sigh*.

Monday, I didn't go to my 2pm class because I ran late, and today I found out it had been cancelled. I'm SO LUCKY!! The teacher for that class actually takes role, and more than 3 absences will result in a 20 point deduction from the final total. I couldn't believe my luck.

Tomorrow I have a Speech Science exam... and I have yet to open the book. Ugh. It's mostly labeling anatomy pictures, which I suck at, and general descriptions of the tasks of a Speech Pathologist, or Speech Therapist. That's what I'm studying to be. This class is SO boring though.. *sigh*... and it's taught by the academic advisor! He's funny, but the subject is just not.

I'm hungry.... I hope he calls... I'm such an idiot...


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