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miércoles, febrero 12, 2003

Not that anyone noticed I had left...
The move has been pretty hectic. I'm pretty much all settled in. All I gotta do is get my plates, utensils and things like that, and clean up the room for the next person. Ugh. I hate cleaning...
This morning,at 7:45am, the cable guy came over to hook up the cable and internet. I'm SO excited! I have TV and my life (the net) back!! After that I hung out with M (if you're reading, don't get a big head ok). Then I had my ASL quiz, which was easier than I expected. This whole time, I did not EAT ANYTHING!! I thought I was going to pass out! Awake and up since 7:45 am and didn't eat til 4:30pm. That's baaaaaaaaad.

Oh, and Reggy... I sometimes feel like I'm only writing for you! hahhaha... since you're the only one who seems to care. Thanks! I didn't find my keys, but AAA made me a new key using the lock. I went and made 3 copies of that!! I'm not getting locked out again!

Ok, chickens, I'm back! You better comment now!


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