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lunes, febrero 17, 2003

Almost forgot!...
Friday, my phone kept ringing... It said "private number" and every time I picked up, there would be no one, or they would hang up. This continued all day, and into Saturday. Since my friend was here on Saturday, I asked her to pick up a couple times, to see if hearing another voice would throw the caller off. Finally, at around 3:30pm, I hear a voice in the distance... "Chick?"... It was my EX! Yes, Mr. I'm-leaving-you-for-my-Afghani-slut. I'm like, WTF? Why are you calling and hanging up?!?! Fucking pussy was afraid of my reaction... Whatever! He wanted to apologize for how we had left things in December, when he accused me of backing out of my word. He still wants me to pay him in order to get my stuff back. I think it's bullcrap, but whatever. I mean, I do owe him money, but I don't even have a job at this point, and I'm willing to pay him, but not the full amount at once, and certainly not now. So he's holding my stuff ransom. We're supposed to talk on Wednesday, and come to a final agreement.
I hadn't talked to him, or heard about him, since December. He works at a mall that I go to often, and I never saw him. I wasn't looking for him anyway, but still... Sometimes you run into people when you least expect it, right? Since I still had the idea that he hated me, if I had seen him before the phone call, I wouldn't have know whether or not to say hi. And then the weirdest thing, after the call, my friend and I go to the mall, and we run into him! I was like, OK, WTF is going on?? We just happened to be at his girlfriend's work, but I didn't see her, just him and his friend. His friend used to LOVE me, and when he saw me, he looked like he wanted to kill me. I'm like, whatever... Eh...
Seeing him really made me realize that I'm completely over him. My friend said that when he saw me, he looked freaked out. Idiot. He's the one who left me, and he's the one who's afraid of me? or reluctant to talk to me? I'm so happy without him, and I think it bugs him. But why? I mean, he's the one who ended things, and for someone else. Isn't he supposed to be happy?

Life works in funny ways...

I'm supposed to be in class right now, but I didn't leave on time, so now I'm only going to my 2nd class. I still think today we should've been off. Fuckers.


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