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martes, febrero 18, 2003

Why are people so dumb? Whenever one of my friends sends me an e-mail, they put ALL the addresses in the "To:" line, and they should go on the "Bcc:" line. That's Internet Protocol! If ALL the people that you're sending it to know each other, then you can use the "Cc:" line. YOUR address goes in the "To:" line, when mass e-mailing. WHY? Cuz not everyone wants everyone else to know their e-mail, and because some dumb-asses do not know the difference between "Reply" and "Reply All". I do not understand this!! My friend sent me some chain letter/forward-type thing, and put "These never work". She was addressing the person who sent it to her, yet she sent it to a bunch of us. Then, one of her recipients did a "Reply All" saying, "They never work, yet you sent it also". I'm like, if this guy is addressing my friend, then WHY is he sending it to ALL the recipients?? I don't understand dumb-asses.

I love my Psych. of Personality class. We get to take all kinds of personality assesments and learn how screwed up we all are. YAY! There's this one girl in the class, though... SHE'S ALWAYS TALKING! Like, voicing her opinions and stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with that.... but enough is enough! Let the teacher TALK! She always has something to say... it's really annoying... There are people who always participate in class, who don't necessarily annoy me, because they contribute good ideas and views to the class, but then there are others who just want to appear to know it all... UGH! Today she was complaining about how the teacher said something about "sex differences", meaning differences between men and women. And she's like "you mean, gender differences? Because someone can be biologically male, yet pyschologically a female..." OH SHUT UP! GET A LIFE! LET THE TEACHER TEACH! I rue the day that someone offered to give up their spot there so she could take the class, because she couldn't take it at the other time it was offered, and the class was full. Oh boo-hoo! Idiot....


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