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jueves, febrero 13, 2003

I'm moved completely out, and completely in... I cleaned out the other place, got the rest of my stuff and I AM DONE! All I gotta do now is get a carpet cleaning service to try and get some stains out.. hehe... Other than that... I'm SO happy in my new place! And with my new roomate!!
Today was kinda long... After getting up an hr early, and driving for about 40 mins in rush hour traffic (it was very worth it, M, but don't get a big head hehe), I went to school, and I was SO tired... I was falling asleep in my second (and last class of the day!). Ick.

Now that I don't work, it seems like I have less free time! I have no idea how that works... I haven't stopped moving all week.
Tomorrow I have my rowing class again. I'm looking forward to it!! That's the kind of work-out I actually enjoy. I hate the gym... It's so monotonous and boring. I need to be doing actual activities... Swimming, surfing, biking, ballet... Now that is fun! I'm wondering if I should cancel my 24 Hr Fitness membership. I've been paying for it for over 2 yrs, $20/month, and I probably have gone 3 times in the whole 2 yrs... hehe... oops.

Tomorrow is one of my best friend's birthday... I gotta figure out what to get her! I'm so broke! Maybe I'll get her some heart-shaped gum... hehe... (j/k!!)


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