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domingo, febrero 16, 2003

I bought a cool bathroom cabinet from IKEA, but I'm missing 2 plastic nail-type-things. *Grrr*. I didn't lose them. They just weren't here. I'm at a standstill...

Yesterday, my best friend from Tijuana came to visit me. We went to eat at BJ's Restaurant. OMG!!! It's the best! I love Pizzokies... You have to try them!! Oatmeal-Raisin is the best one. After eating, we went to see Chicago. It was good; I liked it. Well, I just love musicals. I grew up going to see musical theater almost every month.

This morning, we went to IHOP. I just looooooove lingonberry crepes. The best, I tell you. I'm hungry again though... Well, it's been about 5 hrs since we ate, so I guess I should be a bit hungry.... What to eat, what to eat...


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