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viernes, enero 10, 2003

Well the fantasy had to end, and Thursday I went back to my regular position, answering calls from idiots... Why is operator-assisted paging so hard to understand?? Attention NEXTEL users... If you want to message someone thru the 1-800 #, you need to make sure the person is set up with operator-assisted paging, otherwise you gotta do it from your own phone, and if you don't have text messaging on your phone then SORRY!! but the 1-800 # isn't gonna help. You could probably do it online... *sigh*... people are SO stubborn.
And I'm really sorry if my next comment is un-pc, or if it offends anyone, but if you're gonna make a phone call in the US, can't you at least LEARN ENGLISH?? Some lady called today, speaking who knows what, and kept telling me "I don't understand, sorry", and went off in her language... Um, hello?? LADY?? you called ME! Why, why, why do people insist on coming to this country and don't bother learning the basics of the language? If I was in charge, to get citizenship you would have to pass an English test, and if you don't pass SORRY! you go back to your country. I would do the same in Mexico. I wouldn't allow those rich old white people to retired there unless they learned Spanish. This is bullshit. I wouldn't move to Japan expecting people to speak to me in English or Spanish, and live there forever not learning even some Japanese. These people are impossible...

So later today... I guess it's today (Friday), S and I are going apartment hunting! I'm so excited. I cannot wait to move out from this horrible place. I mean, it's sorta nice... but I just hate the fact that my window faces another window, so in the summer I just totally roasted here, because I couldn't be naked AND have the blinds open, because stupid neighbors were there... >=(
We're hoping to find a nice 2bed/2bath apartment, with the bedrooms NOT adjacent to each other, a patio/balcony, A/C, among other things, under $1000/ month. Good luck to us!! San Diego prices suck. =p


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