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viernes, enero 10, 2003

To add drama to my wonderful life (like I need more drama)... turns out CH does have a gf, and she's pregnant!. I'm sorry but how stupid can you be to have 2 kids already, by a woman you hate, and you and your kids live with your parents, and you're working a $13/hr job, AND you go and get your new gf pregnant?? Plus, I hate liars, and after all 3 of us, (CH, CC and I) had a talk about being cool at work, and not getting all weirded out, CH goes and becomes all weird at work... and then he's trying to hit on S who has been with her bf for over 1 yr. I hate jerks. I don't really feel CH as a loss, because though he was cute and all, I got completely turned off when he was trying to impress me with his "macho" stories about him being all hard, and how he went to jail... oh yea, I'm real impressed. I need to talk to CC, because he's a lot cooler than CH, and CC seems to be turned off by CH too... man, how disgusting do you have to be if a GUY is turned off by you?? So, yea that's the story now... such drama! hehe.
Any cute, decent, ASIAN guys in the San Diego area interested in hanging out with me? Send a pic. Must be over 5'7!! (cuz I'm 5'9 man) =p


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