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lunes, agosto 19, 2002

I'm feeling so lonely... *sigh*... This blog is depressing. Sorry. My life kinda sucks at the moment. I'm hoping that when school starts, things will get better. Then again, I'm a weirdo and will probably be praying for the semester to end by the end of the 1st week. My brother and I are actually taking 2 classes together. My little brother! In college! OMG... I feel so old. Never thought we'd be in the same class. Ever. Damn, they grow up fast. Hehe.
Work sucked tonight, as always... Why is it that if I answer the phone, "Message center for Cancun Pool Supplies", the person calling asks, "Is this the message center for Cancun Pool Supplies?". Um, no, actually you called the FBI, just said Cancun Pool Supplies to piss you off. WTF? And nurses... oh don't get me started. I don't work at the stupid hospital... therefore, if I'm in California and you are calling from "Manatee Memorial" in Florida (I think), I have no clue who the doctor on call is, or where he is, or what his house number is... dammit... don't you people know how a paging service works?? I DON'T HAVE ANY INFORMATION OTHER THAN WHAT IS ON MY COMPUTER. *sigh* people... they never learn...


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