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jueves, agosto 15, 2002

THIS IS WEIRD.... I am at work.... answering phones as always. Now, aside from writing stuff here, no one in my actual life knows about my problems with "guy". I know I haven't said his name here, or where I know him from and all that. SO... I am at work... someone calls me... which is weird because NO ONE knows how to reach me at work, especially the way THIS particular person did it... and I answer... and they say, in a taunting tone (like when you stick out your tongue at someone and say "nya-nya-nya-nya-nya..")... "[HIS NAME] doesn't like you"... and they hang up!. At first I thought it was S. But why would she do something SO mean? I asked and she said that it wasn't her. I asked GUY if he knew who it could've been. Nothing... no one knows. It was weird. In order for this person to have gotten me to answer the phone, she had to have called SEVERAL times (oh yea, it was a girl) cuz there are several people who answer the phone there. *spooky*. Aside from that, nothing exciting has happened. My life really is boring, as my blog subtitle says.


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