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domingo, agosto 18, 2002

Ok... comments are back, so... COMMENT! I know I'm boring, but you must have something to say. haha. Maybe not. Anyway... *sigh*... I'm bored. I am supposed to live in "America's finest city", but to me, it's more like "America's dullest"... there's nothing to do!! I hate being poor. HA.
I want to travel. Anywhere. Just point to it and I'll go. Of course I need some cash first. Man...
Well, on a happy note, I finally got a DVD player... *yay*... and now I have one more reason to stay at home and be dull. They really need to release Stephen King's It on DVD soon. I should try to go back to sleep, seeing as there's nothing else to do, but dream that I'm having fun. Even my dreams are dull now... hahaha.


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