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lunes, agosto 12, 2002

Just when I was beginning to get it in my head that it was over, HE calls and says he wants to come over. I'm thinking, OK, an opportunity to talk to him and get some issues clear. WELL he never showed up... so I call... yes, i know *stupid*. So we're talking and he asks if I'm dissappointed that he didn't come. DUH yea!! And then he says we should just be friends because he doesn't want to be disappointing me all the time and that I'm putting too much pressure on him. WTF?!? I can't f****ng believe him!! He's turning everything around.... Why did he even call? Why is he playing these games. I KNOW I should forget about him, but FCUK it's SO hard! I can't believe this happened. I'm such an idiot. I should've known better. *sigh* Should've left it as his fantasy... that's what I get...


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