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viernes, agosto 16, 2002

Things are too weird... well turns out that more people than we thought know about me and guy. It kinda sucks, specially since it never really amounted to anything. Today I stayed with S at work, and HE kept making strange remarks like "I want you bad" and "I'll come over to your place after work". Oh man, how I would like that!! I frigging want him too!! BAD!! I know I shouldn't, but he makes me shiver. *sigh*. I'm stupid.
This stupid lady at work, M, is who started the stupid rumor that me and him were maybe seeing each other. I really don't like M. She is old, and bitter and likes to ruin people's lives. What business is it of hers to be spreading around stuff about my life? Now my supervisor is asking S if the rumors are true. I don't want her to get in trouble! Or him for that matter, either. Stupid, stupid M. *grr*


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