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lunes, junio 06, 2005

See ya later, suckas!

I just got back from the Bad Religion concert and OH MY GOD it was amazing. Greg Graffin is the best ever EVERRRRRRRR. Anyway...
This weekend was fun. Friday I took a 7 hr "nap", it felt awesome. Saturday I went to Hooters with Bobby, Julie, and Joe. Then we went to a party in OB which was fun. I got very, very drunk... Fun times. And Sunday night was, of course, the concert. And MONDAY, technically today but since it's 1:36 am to me it's 'tomorrow', I leave for NEW YORK CITY!! WOoooooooo vacation! So I will probably not have time to blog while I'm away, though if something too exciting happens, I will have to make time. So just in case, see ya in 10 days!


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