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sábado, abril 23, 2005

You had me at Hallah!

What a week... I'm sick! BOO!!
I went to AC the other day and I could've sworn Michael Bublé was standing right next to me at the bar. I'm not sure but either it was him or there is someone in San Diego who looks exactly like him! I didn't ask him even though he's all like "soo getting another drink??" and I'm like "no, actually I'm closing my tab"... I got a bit nervous so I probably came off as bitchy. OH WELL!!!

Wednesday S came over and we went to Fry's to get me a new CD rom drive, since mine was broken... Then we went to Ruby's because NSSLHA had a fundraiser (20% of the bill went to them), and well I'm a member so I have to give my support!! Doesn't hurt that I LOVE RUBY'S, right? Heh.

Thursday I had a big Audiology exam but I was running a fever so I had no idea what anything was. I walked to school in the 70 degree weather with a 100 degree fever, it was not pretty. I took the test and ended up with a 90/100 so even with a fever I freaking rock!!! Hahaha... After that it was sleep all, sleep all day!

Same thing Friday... Went to Audiology lab, and came home and slept ALL afternoon. It was great. At night, Pánfilo and I had our own movie night with Jerry Maguire (I'd never seen it, but Pánfilo said it was great), and since on TBS they have dinner and a movie, the "dinner" recipe was Hallah bread, or Challah (c is silent), a traditional, Jewish egg bread. So it was "you had me at Hallah"! LOL, I'm such a geek. Well, the people at TBS are geeks because they named it that. So I decided I need to make this bread because well, bread and I go way back, we're really close friends... I recommend you make it too, and add raisins and more sugar if you want it sweeter, or like the recipe says make it a pizza.

Today I'm supposed to go to the San Diego Museum of Art, to see that Retratos exhibit. Should be fun. So I gotta go get ready and stuff. LATERSSS.


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