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martes, mayo 10, 2005

Last day of class...

I am officially sad. Ha!!! OK not sad, just nostalgic? or whatever the word is. But today was my last day of class. I have 2 finals next week, on the same day. That is both good and bad: good because I only have to be at school one day, but bad because it's a given I'll do better on the first exam since I won't study that much for the 2nd. Oh well!!

Not much has happened which is why I hadn't written in a while. I've had a couple projects that kept me busy, but bored haha. Last Thursday was, of course, CINCO DE MAYO which is NOT, I repeat NOT, Mexican Independence Day (that is Sept. 16th gringos!), and I hadn't really planned on going out but Yazmin called so we went out. She suggested AC but I didn't really feel like running into S since he usually goes there on Thursdays to see his friend Sergio spin. So Yazmin suggested Nunu's instead, and to Nunu's we went. Her friend Dan met up with us, and we got there early enough that we were able to get a booth. We ordered some burgers and hung out, it was good time! Then... I see this guy, S's friend and I'm like hmm that's odd. Then S comes in! I'm like great haha I come to Nunu's because I didn't want to see him and he just shows up out of nowhere. It was kinda funny... He came to say hi, and I was like blah... but then I felt bad haha. So we went outside to smoke and chat a bit and it turned out to be kinda nice to run into him. Life works in mysterious ways, I tell ya!!

Friday I had to go to my school and watch the University Dance Company performance. For my ballet class I have to watch 2 dance performances, and because, as always, I leave things to the LAST possible minute, I had to watch 2 concerts in one weekend. So Friday I saw the UDC and it was really great. My ballet teacher choreographed one of the pieces and (not being a kiss-ass since she doesn't read my blog) hers was really my favorite! Saturday I saw the Balanchine Celebration performed by the City Ballet of San Diego. It was AMAZING. Dammit I should've gone into dance.. dammit all!!!

After the Balanchine concert, I went to TJ to stay at my mom's (for Mother's day...) and my brother was having a party! YAY parties. It was fun but I was SO tired. I didn't even drink! But I had a good time. Sunday we went to grandma's house for lots of food, and oh there was food. I still wish my aunt had made scalloped potatoes instead of mashed haha but it was good. Fun times at grandma's!!

And that was my week. Told ya it wasn't interesting =Þ


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