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lunes, abril 18, 2005

Good weekend! Friday I didn't do much but S came over to try to fix my CD ROM... turns out it's broken so I need a new one. But he did install my 2nd hard drive that I bought LAST YEAR hahaa. Finally. I played a bit of Mario Party (1), by myself aww, while he messed with my comp.

Saturday I went to SEA WORLD!!!! It was so much fun! Mirna and I got there a little bit after 12pm, and we left at closing. It was great. I finally got on Journey to Atlantis, but since I had just flat-ironed my hair, I didn't want it to get wet! So I put on Mirna's hoodie (just the hood part) on my head, and I looked like a crazy lady. It was a lot of fun though. I got myself a stuffed penguin, which I named Pánfilo, just like my little pet under my tag-board... SAY HI TO PANFILO PEOPLE!!! Anyway, I took some pics that day, but I really need to get a good digi-cam, bc the phone cam is just ok, like for last minute pics and stuff.

Beluga whale



Random ducks running around

I took more pics but they didn't come out, it was too dark. I want some pics of the polar bears next time. Oh yea, I got a Silver Passport, so I can go unlimited times for a whole year, and I get free parking and other discounts. AWESOME!

Sunday I had planned on getting coffee with my new friend Yazmín at Claire de Lune at 4pm, so I figured I'd just be lazy all morning... But Bobby called around 12-12:30pm inviting me to this really cool dive-y pool hall/bar with him and Joe, where the steaks are $3 and come with unlimited baked potatoes and corn niblets... I had just had breakfast so I didn't eat steak but I tried a bit of Joe's and OMG it was amazing. And only $3!!! I need to go again when I am actually hungry...
So after that, I got home and it was already 3:30pm so I just waited for Yazmín to call me so we could meet at the coffee shop... We got there at exactly the same time and even though it was the first time meeting, it was like we'd known each other for a while! We talked until 8pm! It was a very, very cool day.

Today it's back to the grind... yuck. I have class til 6pm, then I'm doing this psych experiment to get credit for one of my classes... I can't believe there are only 5 weeks of school left! Well, 4 weeks and the 5th is graduation!!!! yay.


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