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jueves, abril 14, 2005

Graduation: Class of 2005!!

That's right people, you read it here first. I am graduating!! Finally, yes... YAY! Presents are welcome!!! hehe... jk. sorta.

So not much has been going on... went to see Sin City the other day. It was pretty good... interesting to say the least!! What else... Um... yea not much haha. Went to a couple of parties on Saturday, mellow stuff. Oh, I saw King Lear at the Lyceum on Wednesday. I just wanted to see Armin Shimerman, who played Quark on Deep Space Nine. He played The Fool in King Lear and he was pretty great. I really like him! You know, Star Trek had some pretty good theater (or theater-like) trained actors ('cept Shatner... king of... the pause)... Avery Brooks (Capt. Sisko, DS9), Patrick Stewart (Capt. Picard, TNG), René Auberjonois (Odo, DS9), Colm Meany (O'Brien, DS9), Brent Spiner (Data, TNG), among others... you get the idea! So make fun of me, and my nerdy show but dammit people you know I'm right! I <3 being a geek.


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