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lunes, marzo 21, 2005


I just finished a 9-page paper. It was a take-home midterm for my language disorders in school-age children class. BOOOORING!!! It was so long. Of course I started today!!! OF COURSE!!! Does it surprise you?!?!! But it "only" took me 5 hrs! Not bad I would say.

So what has happened. Lots. That's why I haven't written sillies!! NO TIME! My cousin Lula from Puebla and her son Ian (THE CUTEST KID EVER) came to visit 2 weeks ago... Seriously, Ian is the cutest kid ever. What else went on... Oh well... How could I forget!! S turned the big 3-0 on March 12th! Of course it was held at Air Conditioned Lounge, his favorite place! He got the VIP room and lots of alchy! Of course I got super drunk... All I know is that I was yelling JB!!! everytime I saw JB, and that I only paid for one drink because others paid for the others. S got pretty drunk too!! It was a good time. The night didn't end all that well since S decided to get into some personal drama that I cannot and will not get into here, but let's just say it was bad. But all's good now!

The weeks have gone by and I cannot remember what I did but know that I was doing stuff and that's why I haven't had time to write.

This past saturday March 19th would've been my dad's 69th birthday!! I miss him so much, but I am grateful for the times I did have with him which were filled with happiness =)

This coming week is my spring break!! I will not be doing anything outrageous but I am welcoming the break! I will sleep and sleep!!! Sounds boring to some, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!


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