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domingo, julio 18, 2004

Ok I finally decided to stop fighting with my blog, and just put the tag-board after the archives... Even though I wanted it BEFORE the links. But the page kept getting cut off! Oh well, I'm gonna leave it like this for now.
So much to blog about!! I had actually created a post about 2 weeks ago, but then IE crashed and I lost it. I just can't get used to writing first on word or notepad, then transferring it here. I've never been the kind of person who does rough drafts, I'm straight to the point! But yes, there's a price to pay and that is, losing your posts.
Anyway, starting with the least recent...
June 20th: JASON MRAZ concert. Amazing, simply amazing. It was the Curbside Prophet acoustic  tour and I cannot stop thinking about it! First played a guy from Hawaii named Makana. SO GOOD. Check out the Poi Song! In video if you can. Then played Raúl Midón. Also an amazing voice. It was all in all an extremely great concert.

June 22nd: Disney's California Adventure!! Finally went on the Tower of Terror, such a cool ride!! It was a great day.

I'm sure a few things happened after that but I can't remember. And the most recent things I remember is:

July 6th:  Vans Warped Tour. I got to see my beautiful Greg Graffin (Bad Religion). That's pretty much the main reason I wanted to go. But I did enjoy other bands like NOFX, and Flogging Molly.

Weekend starting July 8th and ending July 11th: La Paloma Resort, in Rosarito. AWESOME WEEKEND. We stayed at a 3 bed/2bath condo, for 8 people. It was SUCH a cool condo! Arrived Thursday night, watched Requiem for a Dream. Friday morning we watched Y tu mamá también. Then went to the pool, hung out, made burgers on the bbq, then later watched Donny Darko and Kill Bill Vol. 1. Saturday, more pool, more burgers, some people played tennis, then more movies! This time, Les Rivières pourpres. Sunday we had to check out, so my friends and I went to Ensenada for the day, hung out, ate, walked around, and then saw The Butterfly Effect, which I really, really liked! More than I thought I would. As you can see it was a weekend of movies, but mostly it was fun because of the people I was with.

And then July 12th: BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Ick. Well, better than a summer job to be honest! Hehe, and I get financial aid so I'm happy.

This week will be pretty rough. I have to find a new apt SOON since my lease is up at the end of this month. And Mon 26th I already have a first midterm!! So I need to get my new apt set up before then. Wish me luck!!


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