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viernes, julio 11, 2003

Why is it that everything I crave on an almost daily basis is 10 minutes away or more? It may not sound like it's that far... but it's 10 minutes without traffic, about 20+ with... Take Lollicup, where I get my boba. It's a 10 minute drive. Times 2 (going and coming back). Then there's Tasty China Express, in Spring Valley. It's about 20 mins. Times 2. But they have THE BEST orange chicken, so I go there. Why can't I find good boba and good orange chicken right here, in my own neighborhood? Maybe because I haven't tried. Or maybe because most restaurants around me are either fast food, or vietnamese. Sigh. I WANT BOBA AND ORANGE CHICKEN! Why am I so lazy, should be a better question, hehee....


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