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domingo, enero 19, 2003

Why are people so stubborn? In my yahoo profile I write that I like Asian guys, under age 30, NOT MARRIED, and who have pictures posted on their profile. Why so picky? Well, Asian and under 30 is my preference. Not married should be kinda obvious, and the picture thing is because I have a picture posted, it's only fair I see theirs. So who do you think writes? Yes, that's right, white/black/mexican or other non-Asian guys, with no pic. And when I ask if they are Asian, they respond with a "No, are you?". What difference does it make if I am or not? In order for me to like Asian guys, I don't have to be Asian, just like the billions of white/black/mexican/non-Asian guys who like Asian chicks. Second, Did you even LOOK at my profile at all before writing?? It is SO frustrating!!! I take the time to write something in my profile, to save me time from having to explain it all when people write to me, only to have to explain it again because they're too stupid to understand it the first time. I don't care if you or anyone else thinks that I'm being close-minded, or too picky, or whatever. It's MY choice.


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