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domingo, enero 12, 2003

I don't wanna woooooork!! =(
I have about 2 hrs to kill before I have to leave. Why is my life so damn boring? I never have anything to do, and when there is something to do, it's not something fun, but something I have to do. This week I have to submit the applications for the apartment I want; I also have to go to school and buy my books, and try to get more money on my grant and/or my loan; and on Thursday I have my appointment for my SENTRI pass. I'm actually excited about that. Basically, for a fee and with proof of need, I get a pass that allows me to cross the border from Mexico to San Diego thru a special lane, without the ridiculous wait. My mom already has it, so does my aunt. I need to get mine!! It's hard to even get an appt., so I already have an adavantage there. At the appt. they will check all my stuff to see if I really do need it, and then I get a 2nd appt. That's even harder to get. Once I get the 2nd appt. I'll get my thingy on the window, and my card. YAY! =)


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