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jueves, enero 16, 2003

Today I woke up at 8am. Good thing I got the night off from work. I'm SO tired! I had to go to my current apt's leasing office to sign my 30-day notice, and then I went to the SENTRI office, to start the process of my application for the pass. I saw this one girl who went to high school with me, and we always run into each other at the most random times. Then I go and see her at the office there. It was funny. We talked and caught up and stuff.
After the SENTRI, I went out with one of my best-bestest friends since 7th grade... We got coffee and ran into more people from high school. I need to get out more... It's nice to see familiar faces. After living on my own, leaving everything behind, for almost 3 yrs... it's nice to catch up with them.
I'm still so excited about my new place!! I cannot wait!!

Someone who is in the navy or is accessing my page from a navy IP (128.49.153.#)... you have read my page, and spent close to 2 hrs total reading it (I can check this stuff, you know)... you must have SOME thoughts on it...COMMENT!


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