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martes, enero 14, 2003

So I'm sitting at my cubicle at work, and I get a call. CH takes this moment to poke me in the shoulder, kinda like saying hi. I turn around to see who it was, but I didn't really pay attention to him, because, well, I'm on a call. He kinda lingered around for a few seconds, but the call was a few mins. long so he ended up leaving. First of all, why is he all of a sudden trying to say hi to me, when for basically a whole week he has been ignoring me, but telling S it's obvious I like him (whaaaat??). Then he's showing people my ad on the yahoo site. After the poking incident, he emailed S and asked her if I was mad at him, and was I jealous. JEALOUS????. In order for me to be jealous, I would have to have some sort of feelings for him, and like him, which I do not. I hung out with him ONE time, for crying out loud. No, I am not jealous. Even if he didn't have a pregnant gf, the way he behaved after we hung out (i.e. ignoring me), is not cool in my book. Of course a lot of why I'm not interested in talking to him anymore has to do with the pregnant gf, but more with the fact that he hid all that from me. I would've still hung out with him, if he had been straight-forward with me from the start, though it would've been in a strictly friends environment. The more I learn about him, the more I realize he is really screwed up in the head. He actually told S that his son was gonna be a "player just like daddy". GROSS!!!. The amount of self-involvement, and cockyness of this guy is truly mind-blowing. Where do I find these losers?? Or rather, how do they find me?? Disgusting.

I didn't get a call back re: the apt yet, but I'm really crossing my fingers on this one. I need this place really bad. S came to my apt at 6am when she got off work, and we kinda slept for an hr or so, so we could get to the leasing office early, at 9am. After we dropped off all necessary paperwork, we went for breakfast at Antique Row Cafe. I'd had about 3 hrs total sleep, so after I got back home, I decided to just sleep all day. I woke up around 5pm, and I was totally confused and thought it was 5am!! I was like, OMG where am I? what day is it? I was totally disoriented... It felt good to finally sleep, though. But now I'm nervous because I keep thinking, what of we don't get the place? I've kept searching for other places, but none of them compare to the one we applied to... *sigh*.
Pray for me!! =)


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