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lunes, enero 13, 2003

So later today I'm going to submit the applications for the apartment. I HOPE I GET IT!! (wish me luck). I should be asleep, considering I want to be at the place at 9am, when they open, so we'll be the 1st ones... but I'm too excited to sleep.
CH found my ad on yahoo personals and proceeded to show S. I don't see what he would do that, but whatever. She calls me and asks me if it's true I have an ad there. Yea, I do. So? It says on the ad I'm looking for friends... I'm not ashamed. Plus, why was CH looking in the personals in the first place? He does have a pregnant girlfriend. There's no doubt that when guys are scum, they're not just a little scum... They are scum all they way through! Hahaha... Oh well.. I feel bad for his kids, because the last thing we need in this world is more people like him. Times like this is when parenting licenses don't sound so bad... *sigh*


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