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sábado, enero 11, 2003

I'm BORED! I should be cleaning my room, and starting to pack, for when I move... but... I dunno... I'm too lazy. I've been watching SNL on Comedy Central for the past 3 hrs. How pathetic. I can't really get myself to do anything, so I come to the computer, but it's not like I get tons of e-mail, so there's not really much for me to do anymore. Sometimes I think I may have seen all of the internet... HAHAHA!! yea right... but I am waaay too much online. Then there's nothing for me to write about, because I don't go out. *sigh*...
So nothing has really happened Re: CH. I don't really plan on talking to him again though. Again, I'm not a hater, but I don't respect what he did, and I have no interest in having any rapport with someone who would do what he did.
My day continues to be boring... I don't feel like going out, the weather is kinda funky. Plus, if I move my car I'll lose my parking. I can't wait to move out. The place I'm thinking about gives us TWO assigned parking spaces... isn't that just AWESOME? Man, I do hope I get it.


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