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domingo, diciembre 01, 2002

What a week... On Thankgiving I got sick, before I even ate anything, so I couldn't stuff my face like I wanted to! That sucked. But I went to see Frida, and my lovely Diego looks so handsome! Aside from that, the movie is AWESOME. Frida was just an amazing woman. What a story... what a life! Go see it.
Friday I just stayed home all day, it felt sooooooo goooooood!! It's been a while since I've just stayed home like that and didn't do ANYTHING. Yesterday I had late breakfast with my mom, and we went shopping for books. Later at night I went to see Die another day with 2 friends, and dammit, I really like Korean guys. The movie was fun. I don't know what people expect from it, but I always hear about how "unrealistic" James Bond movies are. Well... OF COURSE! They're movies! But I had a good time. Then we went to the pier at Ocean Beach, and we just walked around, and saw all the fishermen and stuff. Good times. =)

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