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miércoles, noviembre 27, 2002

So... day before Thanksgiving. I am very much looking forward to stuffing my face all day tomorrow. AND I'm going to see "Frida" tomorrow also... I cannot wait. I've been waiting for this movie for a while, and my beautiful Diego is in it *sigh*.
I am so bored right now. I am so tired of school and work. I'm bored of San Diego quite honestly. I want to live somewhere else. But where? I've been thinking about going to Mexico City for a while. I've always liked it there, and maybe it's a good change of environment. What I need is a complete culture shock, and although it wouldn't be as drastic as say, moving to China, it would still be a major change.

One more quiz... of course related to my lovely Diego... this is the last one... maybe ;-)

What 'Y Tu Mamá También' character are you?

Am I obsessed? You should see my computer wallpaper... hehe
Seriously, see the damn movie already.


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