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miércoles, agosto 21, 2002

Why is HE being such a jerk?? I'm really trying for us to be friends, and he just keeps pushing me away. Last night he was the most rude ever. He knows this because he told S, "I think she's mad at me... I guess I was kind of rude".. KIND OF?!?! At least he knows. I am not going to talk to him tonight. If he wants to talk to me, go ahead... but I'm done trying. He cares more about what other people say than hurting my feelings...
I've been up for 3 hrs... mostly talking to S. *sigh*. It didn't help that last night, work really, really sucked. HIM being rude just topped it all off. *groan*.
I really need to go back to sleep... I don't want to be all tired tonight, like last night... But my thoughts keep me awake... Ok... I'll go try...


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