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domingo, abril 02, 2006



So people think California, or more specifically San Diego, is always HOT. Well, my friends. No. It's not always hot. I'm not gonna complain about it being "cold" because I know it's not COLD... but it's certainly not hot all the time.

East coast and Canadian friends, our summers are just not as hot as yours. Really, they're not. We don't need A/C running all day and night. We do just fine with a regular fan. Our hottest month is actually September, not July or August. It can get plenty warm in the summer, don't get me wrong. Just not the humid, sticky heat you guys get over there. Ours is bearable. And, it always cools down enough in the evening, to provide a nice, summery breeze.

So, please, stop overreacting or feeling badly because you're roasting at 95F at 10pm on a July night, thinking "Poor San Diego people, if it's this hot here, it has to be hotter there! It's California after all!!"

No, my friends. Do not feel badly for us. While you are roasting at high temperatures on an average July night, we are probably topping out at 68-72F. So, we're fine.



PS. March and April are kinda the suckiest months cuz it rains a lot, so while some of you are starting off a nice Spring, we're getting tons wet. Don't envy us thinking we have a nice Spring going, and if you're visiting the area please pack appropriate clothing.


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